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Be Prepared to Fall

With Valentine's Day in mind, here's the lyrics to a song of long ago charting the ups and downs of romantic love.... Here's to a soft landing!

Be Prepared to Fall

Your life is full of fantasy

opium-scented dreams

I’m included in them

at least that’s how it seems

you’re heading straight towards me

nothing in your way

bright and clear

like the Oxford Street laser beams

on New Year’s Day

You seem to know

a Libran cannot live

without love

you see Venus

pacing back and forth

there’s tension up above

you see a sad harlequin

who’s lost her sense of humour

you want her

or so I hear

did you start that rumour?

It’s well known

that you give good phone

I dialed to lose my breath

but found no-one at home

I sat inside a vacuum

to think a little more

when my trance was broken by the bell

so I answered the door

A young man in a uniform said,

“Candi-gram Ma’am”

there was a card on the satin box

with a message that ran -

'Don Quixote rules okay

pack your bags

we fly today

but be prepared

to fall'

Tonight you should be on graveyard

at Dante’s Interview

but you’ll slip away


by your chameleon hue

even your faithful entourage

won’t see you go

they’ll be getting settled

ready for the show

It’s midnight

I’m on the porch

duffel coat and all

hoping to see two shooting stars


and burst

and fall

like Alice down the rabbit hole

I’m past the point of saving

I’m falling for you

at the bottom


© Anne Beverly Brown 1981


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