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Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Biology, chemistry and physics are often taught in grade school as if they are unrelated, although I

know these divisions are for ease of study. Ultimately though, doesn't everything boil down to a negative positive yin yang tension release of it all? Or do I simplify too much? Yes I know, probably but regardless, here are lyrics to my song 'Electricity' written with this more direct approach in mind. And after the electrical storm of last night, complete with thunder that's louder in this valley than any place on Earth, this theme is speaking to me this morning - a morning that's broken like the first morning sunlit from heaven warming cool mountain air.


Up above the mist there’s no roof to the sky

riding with no hands

I realize sparks are flying off of me I am Electricity

The Ancient Ones wait

for our ascension to guide us is their intention close your eyes and visualize it’s they you'll see

they are Electricity

They whisper

go naked bare naked face your own reflection

go closer to the mirror

self-love is your protection

meditate and be

you are


It’s we who are the alchemists

we fuel our own ignition

through currents of the heart

and a playful disposition

we are wind and waves a melody

we are


In experiment with God

wonders never cease in this ballet of perfect poise

tension and release I’m dancing ’til I’m dizzy in the arms of Babaji

I am Electricity

You are


We are


© Anne Beverly Brown - 1987


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