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The Sound Carries

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

The Sound Carries is song-poem I wrote for my mother, written when I was fully-fledged but still young. At the time, I was flying fast and far. In her day, my mom also far flew, just as my own daughter has done and is still doing. This seems to be a pattern on my side of the family but I've also noticed another one which I'll call 'the great circling back'. A mother's heart is always a radar scanning the arc of the sky on the lookout and with hope for that return flight home.

In the photo above I'm sitting beside my mother, circa 1960, together in contemplation on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River. Being right by her side was where I always wanted to be when I was a little girl. Now my mom is 88 years old. Shortly, I'm going to brave the world by driving to the coast to give her a hug, the first she'll have had from anyone since lock down began many weeks ago. This feels dangerous and daring, possibly irresponsible, but things are easing now and who knows, there may only be a small window of time. It feels imperative. I'll wash my hands well, we'll both wear masks, then I'll wrap my arms around her, facing away of course but settling in deep, to the feel the beat of her heart while I still can. Damn the torpedoes!

The Sound Carries

Guiding light

gently ever so

my touchstone

whenever I’m touching home

my perfumed

soft morning mama

so much older

sometimes younger than I


sending me on my way

the lilies of the field don’t worry

so don’t you worry

about me

all is well

Interior friend

have faith

I must travel

the hound of heaven has found me

where he leads

I must follow

on a dark run

through blinding rain

leaning over the horse’s neck

urged on

by hidden persuaders

weaving the sound of a new age

and the sound says

all is well

and the sound


The sound carries you

carries me

carries us

through eternity

turn turn

turn around

greet the harmony

We can’t avoid what we cause

we effect

let us keep in mind

what's so easy to forget

it takes full-time


to work for conscious-raising

all are welcome

to apply

it’s in this trying

not the getting there

that keeps this old world turning


the sound


And the sound carries you

carries me

carries us

through eternity

turn turn

turn around

greet the harmony

© Anne Beverly Brown


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