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Keyhole & the Eternal Kiss

"We dance on the shore in our summer shoes safe in the lap of God knowing it's music that takes us home"

                                                    - excerpt "The Rivers of Eden

Anne Beverly Brown's first full-length 1993 release  'Keyhole & the Eternal Kiss' is a fusion of ethereal Celtic folk-pop with metaphysical leanings and much metaphor.  Her original songs wind lyrically through England's Glastonbury onto Cleopatra's barge and to the tin pan alleys of roaring twenties Chicago.  This CD takes its name from one small subterranean room in Calsbad Caverns, New Mexico, which Brown uses as a symbol for the unconquerable wellspring of Spirit.

"Once there was a man who planted trees

 An ordinary man

 Not a man known for parting seas...."

                       - excerpt 'The Man Who Planted Trees

"I recite psalms on my erotic rosary

 I pray for release daily

 In paradise afraid of cruel consequence

 Rachmaninoff bring me into the present tense

 of love...."

                         - excerpt 'Send Me Rachmaninoff'

"With a fear of penetration

  I reached the point of entry

  Into the real world of cold hard fact...."

                         - excerpt 'The Church Door'

"There are others lost in the Old Soldier's Wood

 With good taste but bad timing

 Thrown from the musical ride

 With a hint of madness shining...."

                          - excerpt 'Keyhole & the Eternal Kiss'

"Drawing blood from a singing stone

 In the search for Merlin's music...."

                           - excerpt 'Indigo Blue'

"On the winter road I meet the wolf


 I feel almost brave...."

                            - excerpt 'Quiet Heart'

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The Landlord's Daughter

"Better than music, better than poetry...."   - excerpt 'Roll Me'

There are few excursions more enchanting than those taken in the imagination of an inspired song-writer, and once again this experience is offered by Anne Beverly Brown's 1996 release, 'The Landlord's Daughter'.  Here is an intriguing collection of colour, romance, grace and pulse - immediate and intimate.

"I'm a burning woman with enough

 Coals to start a mighty big fire

 A caged dream grows dangerous and mean

 So I let it out, stand back

 Let the flames leap up higher

 Like the night of the Guy Fawkes bonfire...."

                      - excerpt 'Days of England'

"I walked through the rain for you

  I forgot you are a stranger

  Now I'm all wet and aching

  And I smell danger...."

                      - excerpt 'Ask Me No More'

"I'm weak from battles with ghosts and dragons

 Won't you sound your Holy bell?

 Meet me in the Akashic Records

 Call me through a seashell...."

                      - excerpt 'King David'

"Take us back before the dreamtime

  Hypnotize us with the swaying

  Rhythm of a wailing wall

  As we watch Mamma Emu playing...."

                        - excerpt 'Red Dust'

"Father Confessor

 It's written too large across my heart

 Drink deep from the drug of experience

 Is now is the time to start?"

                        - excerpt 'I Threw the I Ching Tonight'

(click image to enlarge cover art and song lyrics)

Music Reviews

USA. - Dirty Linen Magazine, Vol. 48, 1993 Keyhole & the Eternal Kiss - "....Brown is a singer-songwriter who has combined wonderfully poetic lyricism with fine musicianship to create a wholly enjoyable album...." 

JAPAN - Marquee - belle musique d'aujourd'hui Vol. 068, Oct. 1996The Landlord's Daughter - "The Celtic-flavoured singer-songwriter from Canada produces a clear and sophisticated atmosphere supported by harp, piano, flute, and melody lines sung with a beautiful voice both sweet and nostalgic.  There is an exquisite blend of country and Celtic at times which is unique and makes the listener very comfortable.  The songs remind of the best era of Dougie MacLean.  The 13- minute track 'The Highwayman' is brilliant but the whole album worth many plays."

CANADA - The Canadian Music Bulletin, Vol.30.4, 1996 - The Landlord's Daughter - "....if this is New Music, well, then I'll take it!"

USA. - Dirty Linen Magazine, Vol. 68, 1997The Landlord's Daughter - "Canadian singer-songwriter Anne Beverly Brown has created on her second album a spellbinding collection of songs that merge poetic lyrics with beautiful music, offering a lush, romantic tapestry of folk-inspired songs.  The arrangements are examples of focused melody with supporting instruments with well-thought out economy.  The spiritual centerpiece of this recording is an interpretation of the Alfred Noyes poem 'The Highwayman', a colorful but grim romance that provides the inspiration for the album's title.  The tale reminds one of the best of the English folk tradition with the heroine giving her life for her love, but of course in vain as the highwayman meets his demise.  The interplay between harp, guitar and violin is as engaging as the lyrics and the throbbing baseline by Diane Couch is particularly fascinating, especially in this style of song.  The remaining eight songs are equally arresting and well-performed, from the instrumental piece 'Yellowknife', an aural painting for guitar, flute and accordion with Enya-like vocals, to the moving 'King David', a song of strength and courage.  Most effective were the brief impressionistic pieces like 'Ask Me No More' and the lovely 'Angel Walking' with the atmospheric uillean pipes by Steafan Hannigan.  Myron Szott's violin work caught my attention quite often as did the accordion passages of Ron Casat.  Brown's fine vocals do justice to her equally fine song-writing.  Her soaring, inspirational poetry combined with Celtic-influenced music make 'The Landlord's Daughter a must."

CANADA - Natural Life Magazine, Nov/Dec 1997The Landlord's Daughter - "....a well-produced, good-sounding collection of songs.  With a host of talented supporting musicians and a professionally packaged and presented CD, I'm sure this music can make the trip.

ENGLAND - Folk Routes Magazine, Dec. 1997 - included 'The Landlord's Daughter' on The Albums of '97 list of definitive selections of the finest folk, roots & world music releases.

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