My art is inspired by the supreme beauty of the natural landscape.  I am excited by all the colours, lines, patterns and rhythms that I see, all of which feel very musical to me.  My motivation for painting is my love for these things and a desire to communicate that love, pure and simple.  Having worked with and enjoyed acrylics, oil and watercolour, I am presently enthralled with watercolour pens and ink.  I apply the colour either directly onto the watercolour paper or onto palette paper first,  picking it up from there using a watercolour brush pen.  This gives me more control over the amount of pigment I lay down.  In the final stages I use an extra-small indelible black ink pen to add detail and accent.  Having worked on canvasses of all sizes with other mediums, this current method seems to best suit between 4 x 6” to 9 x 16” 

                                                                                                     -  Brownie!

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