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Are You Receiving?

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

April 1987 feels like a long time ago. That’s when I wrote this poem and then attached it to a melody with a hypnotic rhythm. I didn’t record it because I hadn’t quite worked out the kinks in it’s delivery before moving on to other things.

Hope attracts vital energy, whereas despair drains it clean away. It just seems wise then, to keep good company with faith as a way to keep one’s own light burning brightly through dark times. Yes, yes, the world is a messier place than back 1987 and yes, yes, there’s more of us but of those more, there’s even more learning how to truly love. Of this, I know. Are You Receiving?

Breathe deeply, then breathe deeper

Breathe in the dream command

Breathe out the language of Nature

We guide our own hands

Shape the bubble, blow gently

Expansion is not frightening

Lift into the Hidden Clear skies fear no lightening

Feel the push, feel the pull, pull harder

Bring on the revival Which shall it be, flowers or bullets?

Only one stems from Love’s survival

We’ve created a hurricane planet

Let’s turn down the wind The Gaia Express waits on lofty rails

Link up, she’ll roll on in

Time flies, time stands still Everyone has a theory While the Witch of Madness sails Ghost Lake

Is there really time to query?

Shake down reactor meltdown

Crumble down free fall Into cellular transmission Now announcing One is All

Let it be our prayer and our practice To keep an ear on the flute in the distance

Playing somewhere deep in the forest

Offering mysterious assistance

Blazing crocuses could spring In the footprints we’re leaving

Sensor, plug-in, connector Are you receiving?

Come in come in

Are you receiving?

© Anne B Brown - April, 1987


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