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Earth Magic

Here's one for our shared Mother.

Earth Magic

Perfumed-scented night bloom

under dome of curving moon

like a proud and swollen womb of Earth Magic

Aurora’s vault of mercurial rays

an aerial arch of rainbow displays

kaleidoscopic dazzling nights and days

of Earth Magic

White swan shifts to coiling snakes

puffball tumbling down snowflakes

cloud constantly changing shape

by Earth Magic

There’s magic in this motion picture

screen of living colour chrome light charms saturate

spellbound upon the face of Mother

Earth Magic

A delicate and balanced balloon

hangs above the abyss of doom

crying - We can’t harmonize too soon

hear the roar, pick up the tune

of Earth Magic

There’s magic running through spoken word

spells woven in those sung there’s magic in every beating heart

bewitched from lung

to tongue by Earth Magic

So go gently now bring forth love

be part of the rebirth by healing ourselves we also heal

this crystal ball we call Earth

and that's magic

© Anne Beverly Brown - 1988


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