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Golden Light

For those who slip easily into the Imaginal or would like a little encouragement, this one’s for you....

Again, an old song poem revisited and revised.

Golden Light

Alchemists, poets and painters engineering soul makers believing, receiving perceiving what’s conceived transmitting thought in through flesh and bone

we are the Philosophers’ Stone

Power stations we are

action stations everybody

welcome to the dream universe

virgin territory

Advance through focus of attention

on feeling tones and connections

in rhythms of colour and motion a dewdrop or an ocean made in the image of kingdoms within

quick open the windows let the sunshine in

And by the way, there is no outside...

Mind moves matter only fear to fear meet yourself in present tense

get there from here

Forgive yourself to begin

drop the desire to win create space for a higher learning

there’s a place at the table you are deserving

Released love returns to you embrace the grace of being like you’re supposed to do in the age of enlightenment blow that horn your beauty is as startling as golden light

on summer fields of corn

© Anne Beverly Brown


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