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To sustain a state of serenity no matter what, now wouldn't that be amazing? This poem speaks to that ideal which is something worth aiming for as long as failures can be accepted as a matter of course, hopefully serenely, ha! Akin to the end of the rainbow or the enchanted Far-Away Castle - no matter how much I travel towards, I never seem to arrive. I guess there will always be a proverbial false summit as long as the universe is expanding. Praise be - it really has to be about the journey!


To launch into the unexpected

with clear vision in clouded spaces

emerging from the chrysalis of infinity's dreaming

in blossom


To leave behind the devouring tyrant of linear time

join the circle

with a sense of the eternal return

open to the undoing


To sense the hologram anchored in the stars

immersed in the principle of uncertainty

working the laws

dancing with the elements



To advance from Classroom Earth

into the University of Light

obedient to inner promptings

seen through eyes of Spirit



To rise up from strength to strength

on the rungs of an invisible ladder

out into the endless sky

bridging the gap

to Universal Mind


To fall with wherewithal

praising the cliff-side flowers

growing all the way down

before splashing into the Sea

of Past, Present and Future

upon sweet arrival


To plunge into the surf

again and again

fully-clothed and panting

exhilarated by the necessary

cold cleansing of my karmic aura

along with all of humankind

in the climax of a healing crisis

yet again


To not rip the canvas before starting

nor smudge the paint before drying

but with serenity unshakeable



streams of consciousness my guiding hand


© Anne Beverly Brown

August, 1985

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